Our Mission

North Star Creations was co-founded by Mat and Elaine Parsons to address the gaps in emotional intelligence building for children. The goal was to develop products that could address the mental health crisis happening in the United States.

Mat and Elaine developed the initial products and characters to create an inclusive environment for young children through North Star Creations. By using books, dolls, puzzles, posters, and flashcards, kids can develop skills and grow their EQ to be ready for school.

Why is emotional intelligence development an essential process to embrace at an early age? The principles that Daniel Goleman introduced in 1995 still apply today to children and adults, but it is typically the latter group (or teens) that receive the most attention.

  1. When children have opportunities to develop self-awareness, they can recognize what happens at any given moment to understand their impact on their surroundings.
  2. With self-regulation skills, children can learn how to keep themselves calm when facing pressure-filled situations. That first day of school can be devastating because it’s often the first time a parent or trusted provider isn’t close to a child. Staying positive and learning how to express feelings with control and care leads to more learning opportunities.
  3. Emotional intelligence development inspires motivation, driving youngsters to take the initiative and inspire others to work toward a common goal.
  4. It creates more empathy within a child, helping them start the journey to become an influential leader one day. Choosing the right action isn’t always easy, but it happens more often when this trait gets put into action.
  5. More social skills develop through this process, creating more ways to resolve conflicts while demonstrating openness or compassion.

North Star Creations developed ten characters from different backgrounds to promote inclusivity. It is much easier for children to learn when they relate to the materials offered. By using each character equally throughout all the company’s products, we strive to bring diversity's strengths to each family.

All the puzzles and dolls from North Star Creations are handmade.

When we focus on mental health awareness, it is possible to create healthier learning environments. North Star Creations invites you to join us on this journey where every child can have more opportunities to find success.